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My golly mollies…

I guess we should really try to keep on the blog but we’re still working on 9Lives Cafe although not much there is to show at the moment. So instead, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Kaitou-al & I lameishly productively spent Christmas Eve drawing semi-naked Kogami from Psycho-Pass rather than waiting for Santa Claus. We have been sacrificing our bodies on holiday time to bring you better boys next year. So, this is for you out there (yes you have to click in to see… I am not sure of your situation of flashing shirtless men but at least you’re prepared/know better now)…

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Quick, we’re easily distracted~

We’ve clocked about a good 3+ months of inactive posts. Sorry about that, there was something very dear to us that we had to research…

For our dear friends who enjoyed 999 (which was THIS ENTIRE TEAM), we went forward to land in the soil of the land below us… America! To grab these US only pre-order bonuses of these POISON ENHANCING AWESOME watches~

We had many issues trying to stuff these suckers back up North, but failed as it was American residences only and the Igloo version of the site did not allow have these pre-order bonus for us.

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Sad-house on Sketch Up

I started playing around on Sketch Up! We’ve decided to build the game environment in 3D. Been playing with a few software packages to test out what works best.

It was a slow day at work so I figured I’d play with Sketch Up because somehow it was already stored on my computer…

… well, everyone has their first house… I guess >_>”